Swallow CASEIN Plastic Knitting Needles

CASEIN Plastic is both an Insulator & Non-Static Conductor

CASEIN plastic is both an insulator and a conductor that offers unique benefits for Swallow knitting needles. They benefit from both the warmth and comfort of plastic needles combined with the non-static feature of metal needles.

Insulators made from chemical thermoplastic products such as Polystyrene, ABS, PVC and Cellulose Acetate holds electrostatic charges on the surface of the material but CASEIN Plastic doesn’t.

CASEIN Plastics are not created through any petrochemical process. Water is the secret ingredient in the CASEIN Plastic. Water acts as a conductor. Static charges will dissipate into the water in the same way as with metal products.

The benefit of the CASEIN Plastic knitting needles is that when knitting, fibers in the yarn will not split from each other and cause “fluffy knitting” as it would with all other plastic needles that build up static charge.



How can you find out if your plastic knitting needles are genuine CASEIN plastics?


Rub a needle vigorously on an item of clothing. The resultant charge on the needle can be demonstrated to attract neutral pieces of tissue paper for example. If your needles are genuine CASEIN plastics, they will carry no static charge and therefore will not attract the tissue paper.





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