31/5/2004Arthritis New Zealand
“The Juice Arthritis Newsletter”, Issue 9 May 2004 (Arthritis New Zealand)

Knitting needles made of cheese!

In the current issue of “The Juice”, Arthritis New Zealand writes about Swallow CASEIN knitting needles. The article covers the process of manufacturing the natural needles made out of CASEIN, a milk protein.

Benefits of the Swallow CASEIN knitting needles are discussed pointing out that the CASEIN is anti-static and ensures smooth, fluff-free knitting and thus increases speed. And because CASEIN is a light and “warm” material to hold and the flexibility is a feature that knitters prone to repetitive strain injury or arthritis can benefit from.

20/2/2004Creative Knitting, 18 February 2004
“Nature’s Needles – Knitting Needles with a Past” by Judith Harvey

In the current issue of Creative Knitting, published 18 February 2004, Judith Harvey talks about Swallow needle manufacturing company as “a fascinating company and a unique manufacturing process that continues to turn out needles from a bygone era for today’s knitters to enjoy.”

The article covers the company from the very beginning to what it is today and the manufacturing process of Swallow’s unique CASEIN needles. Harvey describes the CASEIN needles as dairy needles, since the product used in the manufacture of the needles is casein, a milk protein.

The demand of CASEIN needles is on the increase. One reason being the environmentally friendly CASEIN needles is a totally natural product and biodegradable. And from a knitter’s perspective the needles are performance enhancing. Non-thermo plastic, casein is antistatic, which ensures smooth, fluff free knitting and thus increase speed. Casein is light and “warm” material to hold and the flexibility is a feature that knitters prone to repetitive strain injury or arthritis can benefit from.

12/12/03Creative Knitting Magazine
Creative Knitting will run a feature article on Swallow Needles. The article has been moved to their Autumn 2004 issue and will be published on 18 February 2004.

15/10/2003Manufactum Direct Mail Catalogue
Swallow Needles are listed in Manufactum’s mail order catalogue in Germany. The company has now extended their mail order catalogue to also include Austria and Switzerland.

The Swallow Needles are available from the Manufactum’s website Follow this path to find Swallow Needles: Produkte nach Sortimenten/Haus und Hof/Nahen und Kurzwaren/Stricknadeln Calalith.

11/6/2003Stiched Up by the Hard Sell

Extract from article in the Sydney Morning Herald, 3 June, 2003: Stiched up by the hard sell, by Tim Dick

On buses and trains, in cafes and at home, the needles are out and the wool is flying: knitting is back.

Raelee Hill, 30, actress: “I think lots of people are discovering how relaxing and zen it is”. Hill said many people are taking up knitting rather than reading or watching television. “Many chicks are getting together in pubs now having a beer and knit”.

Melissa Clifford, 26, a psychologist: “It’s very theraputic. It’s also a creative thing. It’s your own stuff. You get to walk around in something that no-one else has”.

The Knitters’ Guild of NSW has also noticed a revival. Life member Yvonne Fazzolari said: “Knitting gives you an outlet. To me it’s very calming”.

The knitting revival has spawned its own book. It’s My Party and I’ll Knit If I Want To by Sharon Aris, released last month by Allen and Unwin.

Knitting has become a 21st century symbol of the new feminism.

5/12/2002E-Commerce Retailers
We have added a new section on the Swallow website that lists E-Commerce Retailers that supply our needles online. Also have a look at their websites for interesting and creative knitting ideas.

9/5/2000Knitting Back in Vogue
Knitting - until recently the domain of middle aged and elderly women - is back in vogue for the 20's and 30's market.

Seen as a productive stress reliever, younger knitters are taking it up in droves. They're taking lessons and learning from each other, knitting in front of the TV, on the train and at the bus stop.

This newly discovered meditative, creative craft has young knitters copying the fashions they see in the fashion magazines and on the catwalks. With knitted scarves and jumpers the latest looks for the 2000 winter season, knitters are sure to save a pretty penny as well.

This new breed of knitters not only includes college students and professional women - it includes celebrities, models and actresses such as Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder and Monica Lewinsky.

9/5/2000US Publicity on Swallow Needles by Barbara BreiterStill knitting with your grandmother's aluminum needles? Toss them don't know what you're missing!

For a pleasurable knitting experience, try Swallow Casein knitting needles.

Made of casein, the protein found in cow's milk, these needles are made in Australia. Crystal Palace Yarns is the U.S. distributor. They are available retail from Straw Into Gold.

Swallows are light and light, you can barely feel them in your hands. They are also extremely well balanced; the tops aren't heavier than the rest of the needle. Weight and imbalance both contribute to fatigue and soreness during long periods of knitting. Moreover, they're warm to the touch which is wonderful for arthritic hands.

They are static resistant so yarn doesn't stick to the needles; even boucle slides across almost effortlessly. I knit up swatches with a number of different yarns and never had difficulty with the yarn sticking.

And the colors are awesome! A tortoise shell look is available in some sizes while others come in a choice of opalescent pearl colors, both light and dark to contrast with your yarn.

The points are shorter than other needles I own. This may help you to keep to gauge better as the stitch travels a shorter distance before it reaches the main body of the needle. It also means less finger movement by the knitter, again decreasing the fatigue factor.

Swallows are marked in metric only. They are available in a wide variety of sizes in 9, 12 and 14 inch lengths for single points. Double points are sold as sets of five in 7 and 9 inch lengths. They are not available as circular needles as the casein is too soft to hold the cable.

Try a pair of 9" single points if you knit smaller projects such as doll clothes and dishcloths.

Casein Needles are available in the following sizes: Single Points 9,12 and 14 inches, and Double Points 7 and 9 inches (all dp's are 5 per set).
WARM IN FEEL: comfortable for long hours of knitting (knitters with sore hands love them)

MORE FLEX & GIVE: they flex more than plastic needles and give more than metal needles

NOISELESS: allows quiet knitting - won't disturb TV watchers

NON POLLUTING: made from protein, not from oil based chemicals

NON STATIC: eliminates 'fuzzy' knitting

1. To Prevent Brittleness: do not leave needles on or near a heat source.

2. If needles have been in extreme cold, allow them to warm to room temperature, or dip into warm water for a few minutes.

3. Do not leave needles soaking in water - prolonged soaking (several weeks) will soften them.

3/10/98Swallow Web Site Goes Online!
Welcome to our new web site. This news page will contain updates on our product range and anything else that we feel may be of interest.

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