Casein Coloureds

Casein Coloureds are made from the purest edible casein produced by the Australian and New Zealand dairy industry. Casein is made using the same process as for cheese making. Casein means 'protein of milk, the basis of cheese" and is a dried milk product often used in high protein dietary foods. It therefore comes from a naturally renewable resource and is biodegradable, thus being a totally environmentally friendly product. These lovely bright needles are available in Lemon, Lime, Blueberry, Watermelon and Grape. Casein Coloureds are smooth and warm to the touch and feature a hand tapered needle point.


The tortoise shell knitting needle is sadly a thing of the past, but the latest casein plastic technology has allowed us to create its best features without disturbing the environment in any respect. Timbergrain knitting needles have the perfect blend of flexibility and rigidity to create a firm, comfortable knitting needle that allows smooth effortless knitting. Being a non-thermo plastic it is non-static, thereby eliminating "fluffy" knitting. Swallow Timbergrain are the tortoise-shell knitting needles of the future.


The feature of this range is the way the needles have been crafted to resemble the look and feel of natural ivory. The slightly flexible Ivoré needles are individually hand crafted from a unique blend of all natural materials that behave like a bone from your body. Other materials such as wood, bamboo, metal and plastic fail to imitate these qualities. Just like real ivory, they become more personalised with use - like an extension of your own fingers. Smooth and warm to the touch, Ivoré needles feature a hand-tapered needle point. We say, with Ivoré, you will have a friend for life, because the product is backed by a full lifetime guarantee.


The colours of this range are most exciting, from natural white pearl through the range of turquoise, coral, amber, emerald and ruby. Swallow Pearl needles have a lustrous, flawless finish. They are smooth and warm to the touch and comfortable to hold. They each have hand tapered needle points and are virtually noiseless in knitting. The Swallow Pearl collection is made from the same environmentally and ecologically sound materials as Timbergrain and Ivoré, and is the number one choice for arthritic knitters.

Needle Profile: Swallow Casein Single-Pointed Needles in Knitters Review


Everything produced by nature needs to be loved and cared for to continue to live and remain beautiful. CASEIN needles are a biodegradable product made out of natural resources. To keep your CASEIN needles flexible and maintain the light and “warm” feeling, you need to look after them a little bit extra, as you would with a garden.

It’s the water in CASEIN plastics that provides the flexibility and anti-static quality. However the CASEIN material will give up moisture as easily as it will absorb it.

Here are some guidelines on how you can care for your CASEIN needles to maintain a long and loving relationship.

  • Prior to using the needles for the first time, it is a good idea to soak them in water for 1/2 minute (no longer).
  • As you knit, the sweat from your hands will eventually be absorbed into the needles and make them more flexible.
  • Keep needles with your knitting in a sealed clear plastic bag for protection, until your creation is complete.
  • When not in use, always retain your CASEIN needles in their original plastic sleeve
  • Keep needles away from heat. If the needles are left unprotected or near a heat source (such as a window), they will dry out, become brittle and break easily.
  • Re-working the needles in any manner will render the manufacturer's guarantee null & void.
Make your CASEIN knitting needles last a lifetime with a little bit of TLC.

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